Thursday, August 5, 2010

Believing in Miracles

James has been having such a difficult time. Four days ago, he could not eat or drink anything (he is on an iv) and from there it all spiralled. He did not sleep for two straight days, was really aggravated. On day two, James was confused and not really comprehending us. This had to be the worse, especially him not being able to recognize the kids. By night, he was hardly able to keep his eyes open but no matter what they gave him, he was unable to sleep. Day better. A lot of hallucinations of imaginary animals and floating objects...still no food or fluid intake. I don't know what we are supposed to think or do except keep faith and believe. God is good.
Today is day four and I came in with a new approach. James was semi-alert and the first thing on the agenda was to get him to drink water, juice or anything. Once his food tray came, task #2 was to get him to drink down a thick strawberry shake in a carton ordered for calories and lack of intake. Next came the jook...not as successful but something is better than nothing. All I can do is try.
I really don't believe anyone should have to go through this.
I am so burnt our, sleeping only a couple hours a night, spending 14 - 16hour s a day at James bed side and trying to stay busy doing work.
Everyone's words of encouragement and prayers have been keeping us strong, we are so blessed with so many great friends.
Pat and Shuko flew back from Hawaii early this morning...poor Shuko got to Hawaii for less than 12 hours prior and flew back out again. Lehua, Kupi and Nach come everyday and are definitely helping to hold us up...especially at times like this. James just got picked up to go to tests.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Week

A new week has begun and we set our hopes for a miracle. James will be continue radiation to his brain and await the results. James is very tired and still having a difficult time to even get out of the bed. His appetite is not too good and he describes it all as "Blah". At a time like this, I wish there was a guidebook or manual. I really don't know what to expect or how to help excect be by his side. It hurts to see James unable to laugh...laughter is James 99% of the time. God, I ask you to hold James tight and give him strength.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Hero


We would like to share our daily blog with you. There has been so much going on with us and just a little too personal to share with the whole FaceBook world.

Visit here for the latest updates, photos and thoughts.

We would also like to thank you all for your continuous thoughts and prayers.

On July 11, James walked our daughter Lehua down the aisle in Los Angeles, California. This was just a week after being rushed to the hospital with complications. For us all, this was a miracle in marked his two year milestone.

We thought things were as best as we could expect and going pretty well with hopes of taking James back home to Japan soon. On Tuesday, July 27, James was brought to the ER in serious condition. James had major blood loss and due to the generosity of blood and plasma donors, James was transfused with 10 units. Things were not looking good but James pulled through again.

Further tests and procedures were done to locate and stop the bleeding...a success. CAT scan in the ER showed swelling of James' brain and a tumor. An MRI and another CT Scan was done and test showed that there was even more cancer. James is now receiving radiation treatment to his entire head five times a week. The swelling in his brain has been brought down and he just completed his second radiation treatment.

James is being kept as comfortable as possible to tolerate pain and despite it all, he still smiles, makes us laugh and continues to fight. Today he started physical therapy and was able to us a walker and walk for a short distance. We are just taking one day at a time and making each minute count.

Every day is a new and we thank God for each moment we share.

Please keep James in your prayers.

We Love you all...James & Alz